Why promotional videos are beneficial for your business

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The way we consume content is now predominantly digital. More and more users are turning to their mobile and desktop devices with far less traditional media being consumed. This presents huge marketing opportunities for smaller businesses, that would have previously been road blocked by higher traditional advertising costs. The digital space removes most of these barriers.

Advertising using promotional videos is one of the most cost-efficient ways to take advantage of the digital space and get your message out. Having a video on your landing page can improve conversion by up to 80%. In this short article, we’ll cover why we feel good video content is the single most powerful promotional tool at your disposal.

Improve customer engagement

Promotional videos, when done right, are the most engaging way to give your viewer a great overall appreciation of your business, products or knowledge in your field. You should always be looking to create as little friction between your business and your customer. A quick snappy video gets your point across quickly and effectively, in a format that is easily digestible and engaging.

Communicate simply and effectively

As mentioned previously, a video allows you to present more complex ideas or aspects of your business in a condensed format. This is far more difficult in written or purely audio mediums where you’re restricted to presenting a limited amount of information at a time. Product demonstrations, direct audience engagement and discussion around complex topics are all made simple with video.

Promotional videos thrive on social

Social channels are the platform for brand. The tools social media puts at your disposal and the ease with which your customers can gain access to your business’ core message, are undeniably powerful. Taking ownership of your brand and controlling your message therefore is incredibly important and something you shouldn’t ignore.

People want to see and hear about your business, not just read about it. Video is the most sharable form of content, making a successful video is more likely to spread, further increasing its impact.

Hook your audience in

What makes promotional videos beneficial is how memorable they can be. Done right, a great piece of video content gets your audience talking, hooking them into your narrative and sticking in their mind. This new found interest presents you with much greater opportunities to turn a casual observer into a lifelong customer. Remember, once they’re hooked it’s your job to reel them in. Whether that’s through more video content or otherwise.

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