What is the job of a video producer

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While the specifics of a producer’s job may change from shoot to shoot, one thing is a given. They call the shots.

Whether they are working on a short film, commercial or promotional video, a video producers main job is to bring an idea to life, managing a films creation from start to finish.

So what does a producer do

Managing  a films pre-production, production, and post-production, video producers have a hand in all aspect of the production (it is in the jobs title after all). From artists to camera operators; editors to makeup artists and everything in between; producers are responsible for them and making sure everyone is doing their job.

Producers also often have a hand in the creative pie. With involvement in scripting, directing or even putting their hands to use in the editing department. The producer also has the final say on product sign-off or any changes that need to be made to suit the client.

Skills required

Without a doubt time management and organisation skills are crucial to guarantee all projects run smoothly. Nonetheless, just like all roles, there are a lot more skills that can contribute to doing an outstanding job, including;

  • Strong communication
  • People skills and networking abilities
  • Creative vision
  • Pitching and presentation skill
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership skill
  • Adaptability

What makes a successful producer?

First and foremost a producer thrives with the ability to quickly and effectively communicate across a wide range of disciplines. Not everyone on a shoot speaks the same language, figuratively. Meaning the producer often has to be the go between for all departments. This includes the client.

A producer should also have excellent. Nothing provides a better understanding of what makes high quality video production than actually doing it. Checking resumes is therefore incredibly important.

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