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What do we offer?
Here at AtomicMedia we create videos depending on your wants and needs, we can produce any type of video production service you are looking for. The first thing we do when we have a project is the pre production stage. First of all you’d get a brief, this gives us a quick overview of what it is we are going to be doing and how we are going to do so. Then we’d write a script for the video and once approved by the client we would get the script recorded in a voiceover. Once filming has taken place it is time to get to the biggest part of the cycle, the post production stage. This would be where we go through all of the footage and take out the best parts then we put all the clips together into a video. We add music to the video, include different types of transitions and add many special effects, this gives the video a more professional and appealing look. Then once this is finished we have the final product and we give the video to the client.
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Promotional Video Production
Our promotional video service work travels much further than Nottingham and London. The promotional video service could be anything from a particular product or range, to a general overview of your company. It is a great opportunity to promote your company as a whole.
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Training Videos
We have done quick how-to videos demonstrating how to top up your boiler, as well as an entire series of videos demonstrating the best way to lay a floor. Our video production services require lots of time and dedication but the how-to videos require lots of additional directional work in order to get the best outcome for our customer.
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Animation Videos
Our animated videos are a great alternative, they can give you more freedom which allows for more comedy or creativity. You could also have motion graphics in your videos to help reinforce a point. We edit our animated videos here in Nottingham, but our work travels much further.
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Testimonial Videos
Testimonial videos feature talking and interviewing different people, we then use their answers to produce a video. Often these videos are based on reviews or even staff answering frequently asked questions. This video service has allowed us to expand further than just Nottingham or London, we have been able to produce a number of testimonial videos for clients across the country.
Live event video
Live And Event Video Production
Although we provide video production services in Nottingham and London, often we film at live events across the country, this is a great way of broadcasting the event to a wider range of viewers. The live event video process is often different to our other video services. Our live event video production services have been recognised by many which has enabled us to expand into European countries like the Netherlands.
Why AtomicMedia?
We work with established agencies, labels and organizations, as well as young talents and startups.
Sam Pinkham Director/Presenter