Top 5 tips to mastering your promotional video

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Promotional videos need to be effective and memorable for the person watching and we want to help you master yours. As a video production company in Nottingham, we often create promotional videos to clients, so we believe our team of experts can help you.

Target Audience

The target audience for your promotional video is one of the most important characteristics. You’ll need to consider how the specific audience will be watching the promotional video, will it be your website? On mobile or desktop? What Social Media platforms?

Keep it short

You want to keep your audience’s attention for the whole promotional video, so keep it short. You want the viewer to finish watching the video with a clear understanding of the brand.

Identify your goal

You need to take a step back to identify why you want to create this promotional video. Video services can be expensive so it’s vital to get your goals set in stone before anything else. Promotional videos tend to be created to: increase brand awareness, drive sales, drive traffic or educate and inform customers.

The style of your video

As a video production agency, we provide a vast range of video services, from promotional videos, to corporate video production, as well as animation and motion graphics. We know that the style of your video is important, do you want live footage? Animation graphics? Actors filling in roles? Stock footage? There is a variety of styles to choose from and checking out our case studies may help you decide.

The duration of your video

How long will your video be? If you’re unsure on how long your promotional video will be, you’ll want to consider these factors:

  • Your goal
  • Where will the ad appear? Some Social Media platforms have restrictions on length of videos so you’ll want to find these out
  • Your overall budget- if you have a low budget you may only be able to afford one edit of the video which means getting the length of the video right straight away is vital

We provide a range of video production services and specialise in promotional videos. Are you interested in creating a video? Contact us today, we will listen to your needs and tailor the most appropriate video package for you.