Top 5 questions to ask yourself before hiring a video production company

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A recent study found that a whopping 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days (Source: Hubspot)

With such encouraging stats, it is easy to understand why companies in all sectors are turning to video more than ever. But amidst this great rush towards visual communication, many fall into the trap of thinking a video will do their work for them. Purpose, planning and execution are key to any marketing activity, a video is no different.

In this article, we’ll discuss our top 5 questions to ask yourself before hiring a video production company.

What is our key message & purpose?

First and foremost, knowing the purpose of your video is the best way to ensure the project runs smoothly and that the end product is what you need it to be.

Without first asking these questions you could reach the midway point and realise that something important is missing. This may mean your video ends up not covering what you need it to.

The planning phase for the video should prevent this if done correctly, but try to figure out ahead of time what the key message is. The shorter the better, think of it like an even shorter elevator pitch. Question & answer, what is your audience’s question and how will your video answer it? If you can nail this down, you’re on the right track.

For example, a video promoting a new company event is more likely to get attendees with a well-thought call-to-action. Multiple messages in a video will cause confusion for the viewer. Know your key message & video purpose.

How will I measure the success of the project?

Knowing what you’re going to be measuring once the video goes live can provide some useful insights. They may even affect some of your previous answers, so consider this carefully.

Are you primarily after social engagements? Are you just trying to get a message out? As we discussed previously, these different types of videos will all look and feel different. Though they may share a common DNA, the distinction is important to make. Likewise, it will provide invaluable information for your video production company.

Knowing your measures of success will provide a few key insights.

What type of engagement are you looking for?

Item number 1 – what type of engagement are you looking for? Engagement comes in many forms as we discussed and each has its place and purpose. Are you looking to create a conversation, or simply drive leads. If you’re stuck refer back to your purpose.

Where is your video being distributed?

Will the video live on your website alone, social channels, or will it be broadcast at an event? There are numerous ways to distribute a video.

Not sure what size your video should be, or what format it should be in? The platform of distribution will tell you. Not only this, but it will tell you what kind of response you’re going to be receiving. Social channels provide social and engagement, email may give you click-throughs to a landing page.

What does success look like?

At the end of the day, you’re producing a video to achieve some measure of success, whether it’s for a campaign or internal communication. If you’re ever stuck, just ask yourself and key stakeholders what will make the project ‘successful’ to your company.

Who are my target audience?

Making sure that your video is targeted at a specific type of viewer will ensure that your message resonates with them.

Producing a video for experienced horse riders, for example, will set the appropriate tone, language and style. Even changing the videos target audience to intermediate riders in our example may change the video significantly.

Buyer personas are a great source of information for your target audience. Start by mapping out who your ideal viewer is, what are their aims and desires. How will your video answer these needs?

Are there deadlines we need to hit?

A seasoned video production company will have a solid process that they will follow for most of their projects. This will include a rough timeframe and possibly an outline of key deliverables. Whilst these can change based on each video, it’s important to provide any and all deadlines so that schedules can be adjusted accordingly.

Make sure that you’re accounting for delays when you plan a video. If you have a specific date that you need the video project complete for, communicate this at the start of the process. That way, if there are any delays, everybody will have sight of the schedule so that adjustments can be made.

What is the budget for the video?

Producing a video is a process with lots of variables. From videography to animation, to final edits and everything in between, many moving parts must come together. All of these steps and requirements will inform the videos final cost. The same goes for the ‘type’ of video you’re after. Is it a talking head, an animation or a combination of the two?

No two videos are the same. In most cases, your video could be produced in several of the styles listed above. The question then becomes what fits your budget? Don’t feel like you have to spend 100% of the money you have, however, in some cases a simpler video could do the trick.

Matching your budget with your ambition is paramount. Whilst it may be difficult to come up with a budget initially, it’s much better to know it beforehand. This will help your video production company to produce a more accurate quotation and work with you to select the best options.


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