Trinity Mirror

Trinity Mirror offers clients the opportunity for huge exposure through advertising space in national newspapers. To further enhance this exposure, we have worked with Trinity Mirror to develop a large scale video production package, allowing us to quickly produce large numbers of quality videos and providing Trinity Mirror and their clients additional advertising options. Advertisers have the choice of three options, starter, essential and pro, with each option offering varying levels of production and client investment, allowing for flexibility.

To ensure the responsiveness and agility required to deliver on the demand, we have developed a rigid, nine stage process which enables client involvement and stringent quality control measures throughout. This ensures timely delivery and client satisfaction. To find out more about our large-scale video production services, contact Trinity Mirror or AtomicMedia to discuss your potential project.

We receive outstanding praise for AtomicMedia off our clients, we will continue to work with them as we believe they provide the best quality service for video production.