Live Events

Through our dedicated videography team in Nottingham, we have been able to film at a number of live events, this video production service is different in terms of the shoot and editing. When shooting a live event, patience and creativity are a key factor. The opportunity to film something may only arise once so it is vital you maintain patience.

Editing live event videos require a different style, to create the best video production service possible we have to keep great attention to detail at all times.

These conferences featured hundreds of academics and publishers from across the globe, the event took place in the Netherlands. At the ALPSP shoot, we filmed over a 4 day period and produced around 25 conference videos, interviews as well as a highlight video. This allowed the ALPSP to share their findings with members who couldn’t make the conference.

We have built a strong relationship with AtomicMedia, they provide several great services. They’ve helped to grow and expand our business and we will continue to work alongside them in the future.