GSM performance

Due to our vast years of experience as a video production agency in Nottingham, we have been able to create several videos for exciting products. The product videos we create are interesting and informative, as well as being creative. GSM Performance, a local Nottingham based company, required videos which would promote a wide range of products for Social Media.

A lot of skill goes into specific product videos as often there is lots of audio work involved, this adds to the detailed camerawork. With this style of video a lot of intricate work is required and every detail is vital to create the best possible video for the client. In working with GSM Performance we had to combine both the talking to camera with the footage we gathered. This video production service helped to promote the GSM Performance brand name as well as a wide range of products.

We have built a strong relationship with AtomicMedia, they provide several great services. They’ve helped to grow and expand our business and we will continue to work alongside them in the future.