3 reasons why video testimonials beat text testimonials

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Testimonials are a key trust-building tool for any business. Being able to show that your services have previously satisfied a customer’s requirements gives you a foot in the door with your next client. 

Not all testimonials are equal

Whilst having testimonials is more effective compared to having none, the display medium is important. Research has shown that video testimonials instil much more trust compared to text.

Think about it, are you more convinced to contact a business after reading a written testimonial or watching a video? The same is true on social media, with videos driving far higher engagement numbers, as we’ll touch on later. Videos get people, it’s as simple as that.

Another downside to the text testimonial is proving legitimacy. In a plain text format, it can be hard to distinguish if you’re being told something genuine, or fabricated. 

Creating emotional engagement

With text testimonials, a sense of emotional engagement can be difficult to create. With a video testimonial, however, even a camera-shy customer can easily convey how happy they are with your product.

The use of emotions in a video testimonial often evoke empathy in the viewer and this builds trust. The emotional connection that is when viewing a video is why your customers will retain more of your message.


A study by Hubspot found that visual content (videos, infographics and pictures) are more than 40x more likely to be shared on social media compared to other types of content. Shareability is only increased by the fact that social platforms are designed to make sharing visual media easy.

This means that there is a distinct advantage in displaying video testimonials on your website or social channels.

Whilst plain text testimonials can also be shared on social media sites, you’ll have to deal with significantly lower share rates, poorer engagement and, in some cases, character limits.

How many customers have you lost to text testimonials?

Simply put, text testimonials don’t foster the same level of consumer trust or engagement a video testimonial provides. Whilst a text testimonial can serve its purpose, almost all sites have them these days. Without verification of the reviews validity, your clients will be less convinced to make a purchase or inquiry by text alone.

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